PROVINCE OF DELHI – MGA meeting at Montfort Inter College, Lucknow.

– A meeting of the Montfort Gabrielite Associates along with the Brothers was held on 2nd Feb 2021 at 3.00 p.m. in the Brothers’ residence. It began with a prayer said by Bro. T.T. Mathew. Then he showed us a short movie on St. Mother Teresa, who was passionate for the suffering humanity as the theme of the meeting was “Montfortians, Passionate for God and Passionate for Humanity”. Rev. Bro. T. T. Mathew presented the theme to us for 45 minutes. He explained clearly to us the different meanings of the word, ‘passion’ with appropriate examples, positive and negative passion, Jesus, the icon of Divine passion, Montfort’s passion and the Passion of Montfort Brothers/ Montfortian Associates. He motivated each one of us to introspect and see what is our passion today? How strong is our passion especially our divine passion? Finally, he exhorted us to be passionate in whatever we do because it is our passion and commitment for a cause that can make us outstanding. Thus, the meeting was very fruitful and educative. We are thankful to Bro. T.T. Mathew for the input session.

Towards the end of the meeting we planned for the next meeting and its nature. It has been agreed upon that the members of MGA will come together every month for prayer and that on alternative months they will reach out to the less privileged.

We concluded the meeting at 4.30 pm with sumptuous refreshments offered by our respected MGA animator, Rev. Bro. Joy Thomas.

Mrs. Cecilia Francis – Secretary