MAM Singapore – Spreading the Sweet Fragrance of Jesus

Soap-making Workshop & Fundraising.

 Montfortian Associates Movement, formed in 2015, has 42 members enrolled. We met once  a month for formation and followed by lunch for bonding. Our mission is to live, share, and promote the charism and spirituality of the total consecration according to Montfort. This is also done through community engagements. On one occasion, Montfortian Associates (MA) organized an outing to Coney Island and the event was very fruitful. Participants were in high spirits and were looking forward to participating in more of such outings.

Unfortunately, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to continue with the outdoor activities. The Circuit Breaker period had restricted us from in-person gatherings.

However, we continued to connect with each other through virtual meetings.

We were allowed only 20 members to meet up for our formation after Circuit Breaker ended.

Social distancing and restrictions were on going and thus, social activities were limited. A soap-making workshop was organised in October. Fransiska Sinardi, the owner of conducted the workshop cum formation titled “Mary as the Mould”. Twenty members of the MA signed up for the soap-making session. We had the opportunity to benefit from the demonstration session on how to make soaps. This was followed by the hands-on session where we were able to demonstrate our newly-acquired skills and talents. During the break-out session, we shared our thoughts and reflections. Overall, it was fun and engaging.

Being the month of the Holy Rosary, it was appropriate to order Rosary soaps from Fransiska to raise funds for the mission of the MA. Every MA who was present on the day the formation was commissioned and each of them received the 5 Rosary soap boxes so that they could spread the sweet fragrance of Jesus and discover their beauty through prayers.

During this commissioning, we were blessed, in the name of the Lord, for giving us the gift of each other and prayed that through the Holy Spirit those who encounter us may receive the revelations of the mysteries of the Rosary. From my perspective, the greatest joy we had was the commissioning to reach out to all our friends with love and support.

Occasionally, we meet up with friends and communicate through WhatsApp to raise funds. The engagements with others become more conversational and heart-felt. With the Covid-19 situation, I found it very challenging to raise funds. My brain does the planning, my fingers do the talking, and my physical being does the mission – to send the items to their destinations.

Sometimes we may not get the response that we expected, but fundraising is Fun.

I did not realise that fundraising is a professional skill and responsibility. I threw myself into the deep end and have consequently learned a great deal in a short time through Br. Dominic Yeo-Koh. I remembered him telling me that fund-raising is fun-raising. I had no idea how to start but waited for time to fill my wisdom. I found it challenging and indeed, it was getting to meet  and chat with people that inspired me. Fundraising comes naturally with the stirring of the Holy Spirit in your heart.

By Doreen Law, Montfortian Associate