MAM of Guwahati – A special gesture.

As the sun spread its golden rays across the world dispelling the darkness and shepherding in the dawn to break into the lives of many, on the 24th of December 2020, the members of the Montfort Associates Movement, Guwahati, (MAM), Ms. Kh. Ronica Devi, Ms. Madonna Khundrapakkam, Ms. Nirju Bhagwati, Ms. Suzanna Tairang, Ms. Diviana Tairang and Bro. Patrick Marak started their preparations to usher in the Christmas Eve and Baby Jesus, with a very special gesture.

With the gift hampers packed with groceries and blankets they headed towards Borbari in Guwahati, for spreading the spirit of Christmas to three families who were very much in need. After a prayer service and a discourse on the life of St. Montfort the members of MAM handed over the gift hampers to the families for celebrating the Birth of our Lord and welcoming baby Jesus into their homes. It is sure that this sweet gesture ushered in the spirit of good cheer, the fellowship of Baby Jesus and the joy of Christmas to the members of those families.

Bro. Patrick Marak