A collaborator is a person of good will who wants to work, hand in hand, with the Brothers of St Gabriel. He / she may share the Christian vision / Montfortian vision / Charism and spirituality. But it is not mandatory. What unites us is the goal and the ob­jective of our good works.

So this term would include all those who work with us. They are our employees or volunteers. Collaborators in the mission are lay people, Christian or not, religious men and women who, in one way or another, work with the Brothers.

Collaboration with the laity by sharing the missionary charism of the Congregation can be the first step to be fulfilled to imple­ment Partnership. Any person of good will can be involved inde­pendently of his / her religion. Many of our collaborators are sensitive to the human dimension of the Montfortian charism, in his predilection for the poor and the outcasts. They will be ready to commit themselves in an educational project that is aimed to promote Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

(Partnership – general guidelines – page 52)